About Me

I consider myself a hunter… but not just because I literally go out every season to hunt all kinds of prey. It’s not just because I like hunting and consider it my main hobby. It’s not just because I make a living out of it.
I consider myself a hunter because I live and breathe as one.

The world is a dangerous place, and one can use his hunting instincts to survive, even when you are already out of the woods. Believe it or not, even when we have all those dangerous animals locked up in zoos, it’s still an ‘eat or be eaten’ kind of society we have here. There are the predators and there are preys. Trust me, on this Earth you would not want to be the prey kind of person.

feral-hog-succesful-huntBut of course I’m not saying you should go after other people just to maintain your right to live. Nobody likes a murderer. We’re not wild animals either; we don’t need to kill other humans for food. All I’m saying is we must remain alert all the time, and think like a hunter. Be smart like a hunter. Pursue life like a hunter.

That is the very reason I started this website. I wanted to impart my knowledge about hunting, so more people will enjoy it. You will always enjoy what you are doing when you are using the right equipment for it. And since I’ve tried a lot of those hunting tools, I thought I might as well teach people about which ones are worth using. Up to now, my fascination for hunting and hunting gear remains fresh, like it was when I was several years younger.

Maybe if I can share my knowledge about hunting, some if my principles about life will spread as well. Maybe people will explore more. Maybe they will get to go out there and enjoy the world they have never discovered. Maybe they will start going on adventures they have only dreamed of when they were children.

Why do I hunt? I cannot say for sure, and I can see why it is frowned upon by many. But I guess that aside from the thrill, the excitement, and the learning I get from it, I have no other reason to hunt. I am an advocate of legal hunting, and I would like other hunters to respect the limitations of nature. We can enjoy hunting all we want, so long as we are still protecting it.